Ah, the weekend!! The time when you can leave work behind, kick back & relax! Well perhaps you did that before you were a business owner.  I know that for lots of business owners it’s really hard to have time off and to move away from the business.  Your thoughts can be consumed by what you should or could be doing – that’s why I’ve popped together a little list of 24 things you can do that are still ridiculously good for business but are not you being in full on work mode all the time;

1. Nothing 

✨ ball all – having a rest is a super productive thing to do if you’ve had a busy week and need some time off/time out. Moving away from your business is fab to refresh & revitalise as well as being able to see the bigger picture and coming back with a whole load more umph!!!

2. Read

✨ read a book (personal development or fiction). Fab for a bit of downtime and also awesome for sparking ideas ????

3. Go Out 

✨ get outside, reconnect with nature and the outdoors

4. Happy Cup Fillers

✨ do something that makes you feel good on the inside, fill your happiness cup to the brim

5. Get Offline 

✨ have a bit of a digital detox. If you spend al week attached to tech then it’s fab to move away from it a little over the weekend.

6. Shopping

✨buy a new notebook (couldn’t resist slipping that one in ????)

7. Journaling 

✨ do some journaling – simply sit down and write out what’s buzzing about in your head.  Here’s my not so subtle book plug – grab a copy of I’m A Flippin Rockstar ~ The Journal  ~ click here ~ which is available on Amazon

8. Knowledge

✨ catch up on some learning

9. Review 

✨ take half an hour out to review the week join by (I have a little pro forma I use and can pop in and do a video and share it with you if you’d like)

10. Plan

✨ scope out the week ahead so that you can hit the ground running

11. Dive In 

✨ read a couple of blogs to inspire you

12. Listen In 

✨ listen to a couple of podcasts.  I’m an absolute raving fan of podcast.  You can listen to them on the go.  I tune in on the school run or when I’m walking the dog or at the gym.  There’s podcasts on absolutely every subject out there.  If you’re a podcast newbie then pop over to the podcast app on your phone and search some keyboards or jump in and listen to mine first (you don’t need any special apps to listen in – all you need to be is to click here 

13. Cook 

✨ cook something you’d really love to eat and you don’t normally get time to do

14. Water 

✨ be close to water in some way – so good for the soul. A trip to the seaside, a river or just the pool is ace for you.

15. Photos

✨ take some photos that you can use in your marketing/social next week

16. People 

✨ be with people who make you smile

17. Tidy 

✨ tidy your work space

18. Visuals 

✨ create some images/memes to use on your social media

19. Website 

✨ take a fresh look over your website and write a snagging list

20. Change Your Face 

✨ smile (lots)

21. Cozy 

✨ get cozy

22. Meditate 

✨ meditate

23. Schedule 

✨ schedule some time in to do that thing that’s been getting on your nerves

24 Giggle 

✨ laugh (with those who you love being with, watch a funny on YouTube or pop a good fee good film on)

Whatever you do, do the shit that makes you feel ace!

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