Everyone Loves To Dive Into A Good Book 

Be A Business Rockstar

Dive into the book that takes you through the stages of being a business rockstar, the things you need to be thinking about ~ how to rock your brand, get seen, create Rockstar products, bring together launches and market like the true Rockstar you are.

I’m A Flippin Rockstar

We like BIG & BULKY journals here at EH-HQ and finding a journal with enough space to contain and progress the ideas of a creative mind was hard to find.  Check out this bad boy with you want a chunky monkey journal to sit on your desk

Beyond Ordinary

Who wants to be ordinary anyway???  This book will give you the kick up the bum to be yourself in business, to get confident in what you’re doing and see your sassy shine through.  Unleash your truth & build the business of your dreams.

Social Media With Soul

Need a hand in getting the engagement rising and your mojo rocking in your Social Media?  Pick up some cracking ideas of what that could like in your business PLUS 101 questions you can ask to drive engagement and connection with your audience.

Emma is a business coach for the 21st Century. In this book she combines her usual humour and no-nonsense approach with lots of love and a bucketload of useful teaching. If you want to do business effectively and efficiently yet still be your sparkling lovely self, this book is for you.

If you want your business mindset to be more focussed and clear, but your inner heart and soul to still shine through, this book is for you. And if you want to make money while enjoying yourself and never feeling “icky” about it, then “hell yeah” this book is for you. This book is Beyond Ordinary and you can be too!

5 Star Amazon Review ~ Beyond Ordinary

This is hands down the best business book I have read. Emma is a rock of sense and really gets to the nub of how to be successful in your small business without feeling you are being artificially salesy or “not you”. It is possible to be yourself , be authentic and make money from your business. It really spoke my language!!! This book is ideal if you run what Emma says is a “heart led” business but I think all small businesses would benefit from her advice. When I bought it I got access to information online to support the book . She also has a very good facebook page and several online groups.

Buy it – you won’t be disappointed!

5 Star Amazon Review ~ Beyond Ordinary

5 Star Amazon Review ~ Social Media With Soul

To sum up the best thing about I’m a Flippin Rockstar The Journal I would have to say it’s the fact I can get everything out of my brain and into a single safe place to come back to later. Working with prompts rather than a forced structure stops me from feeling as though I am ‘doing something wrong’ and the exercise of checking in with myself each day and flicking through the pages for ideas and inspiration is proving to be a very valuable tool indeed. If you love the idea of journaling but have no idea where to start or if you get intimidated by a blank notebook then this is perfect for you too.
5 Star Amazon Review ~ I'm A Flippin Rockstar ~ The Journal

5 Star Amazon Review ~ I'm A Flippin Rockstar ~ The Journal

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