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Being your own boss can often mean that you spend a whole stack of time, bury in your work and a bit of an insular world.  Not only are you physically spending lots of time alone but you are also camped out inside your own head.

Sometimes you need to get out of the everyday.

Sometimes the same old, same old will simply keep you stuck.

Working alone can cause frustration & loneliness

I want to take you out of your everyday, I want to massively stimulate your senses & I want to engage you in a growth strategy day that will see you in a position to make massive progress in your business in 2019.

✔️ I promise to not talk AT you,

✔️ I promise that there won’t be any role play,

✔️ I promise that we’ll bring together master plans,

✔️ I promise that it’ll be fun AND

✔️ I promise that you’ll forget you even own a mobile phone.

The Rockstar VIP Accelerator Days are an awesome opportunity to really dive into working ON your business rather than IN your business and also hanging out and surrounding yourself with truly awesome entrepreneurs – gaining perspective, getting additional input and forming relationships that will support the growth of your business not just on the day but long into the future.

Are The VIP Accelerator Days For You?

🌟 You’re ready to embrace your potential in your business

🌟 You need to take some time out to strategically look at the best way forwards

🌟 You’d like to spend the day in an amazing location with other inspiring entrepreneurs

🌟 You’d like my eyes on your business

🌟 You’re ready for some forwards momentum

Don’t panic.

There’s no “being out of your depth” or “being behind” on these days.  We are taking concepts and making them our own.  I DO NOT believe in a cookie cutter approach to business, or to strategy days AND THEREFORE it’ll be all about diving into what you need right now.

We will be covering stories, visibility, sales and action planning (the most important elements in all businesses) and bringing together very unique & bespoke strategy for growth!

Edinburgh, Scotland – Mon 25th March 2019 

I’m so excited to be heading to Scotland in order to deliver a Content – Sales & Marketing Strategy Day!

We will be kicking off at 9.30am and diving right into where your business is right now.  Clarity in your position and present is super important.  We will be taking an opportunity to take stock – but not in a airy fairy kinda way – we will work as a group to think about what’s working in your business right now – the dream map for taking your business forwards and where the gaps are right now. This stuff will leave you with epiphanies flying off all over the place.

I’m then going to dive in to the process that comes before sales – this is the stuff that set your business foundations and make sure that the offer that you’re putting out there is TRULY aligned.   We will be looking at the path to purchase and how you can shortcut the overwhelm and buying cycle for your customers/clients.

Then we are going to look at the different models for sale – including how to create launch plans, sales strategy and funnels (which the marketing strategy that’s attached to them).

By the end of the day you’re going to know SHIT LOADS (technical term) more about sales and selling, you’re going to be able to identify where money is leaking at the moment and HOW you can plug those gaps.

You’re then ready to take away your new knowledge and implement it into your business – what’s not to love about that 😍

North East UK – Rockliffe Hall – 13th May 2019

Choosing this idyllic location for the day is no accident.   Embracing the 5* luxury of Rockliffe Hall, with light & airy meeting rooms, beautiful views of the countryside and award winning food all serves to make this a day of indulgence.

I don’t just want you to indulge in the surroundings though.  We will also be indulging in the development of your business.

It’s not going to be just a jolly out either, we will be working on actionable plans to focus on the growth strategy for your business and you’ll get the opportunity to have my input into what’s going on, what you need to be focusing and how to implement your plan moving forwards.

On this day we are going to dive in deep to your client magnetisation, service and social media.   If you don’t have a crowd around you who are invested in your thoughts, your message and your products then you aren’t ever going to fulfil the potential of your business.

It’s time to talk building your tribe, loving them hard, serving the pants off them and creating raving fans who are ready to purchase from you.

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