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Don’t Be A Content Bore

Grab some top tips to making sure that your content isn’t a bore/snore ~ no-one wants dull content.  A great one for you to refer back to and gather a bit of inspiration when it comes to creating your biz content.

Hacks To Help You Go Pro 

In this one we are diving into things like up-selling, re-targeting and other epic little tricks and tools that will help you to move your business forwards to the next level.

Suss Your Sales Page

Wow!!! Sales Pages can be such a biggie.  Most people fall into one of two camps 1) you either resist it, ignore it, hope it’ll go away and then feel like you have to do it and then overthink it and procrastinate over it 2) rush through it as quickly as possible to get the tasks off your desk.  This ebook & workbook will help you find your sales page writing mojo!

How To Nail Your Biz Photos 

Need a photo shoot but have no idea where to start, what you should be thinking about and how to plan the shoot and what you want to get out of it.  Whether you’re going DIY or you’re going to get a professional shoot this ebook and planner will help you to get the very best from your photoshoot and have pictures that you’ll WANT to use in your business.

Free Programmes

Journaling For Business 

Join the FREE mini programme that will help you to think about the possibility and potential of journaling for business.  It’s SUCH an incredible tool to help you to get out of your own way, beyond resistance, to bolster your mindset and to see the truth in your self talk AS WELL AS capture and develop business ideas.  I work with journaling without stacks of rules, with flow and with action in mind.  Get involved in the free programme now……

Revive Your Money Moxie 

This programme has made lots of gorgeous Rockstars LOTS of money! It’s all about getting back into the selling groove.  Whether you feel like you’ve just lost your mojo when it comes to sales or you’ve got something particular you need to pay for then this programme is epic! Grab your seat, dive into my signature 5 phases process to getting the sales rolling again.

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