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Working together online is a great way for you to develop your business. Whether you want to jump into my signature Mentorship programme, Business Supernova, where I teach you the methodology & strategy to take your service based business, create a leveraged model that’s scalable and empowering you to with the tools/methods and confidence to sell more of your awesome OR you wanna hang out in the membership club, be accountable and get some Rockstar Masterclasses, Programmes & Q&A calls then it’s entirely up to you.

Online Group Mentorship

Business Supernova ~ a 90 day programme of business awesome. Taking you by the hand and helping you to scale your business, bring together the fragmented pieces, learn & implement strategy for growth & sales

Online Membership Hub

The Rockstar Business Hub is an online community filled with learning materials, Q&A sessions with me & a whole heap of accountability in your business

I promise you that this is a program like nothing else out there. It’s going to help you to get from scared to savvy in no time flat if you are willing to jump in and apply what Emma has to tell you about building a business. Emma has got the heart, vision and passion that can help you to move even the most mountainous blocks. She’ll hold your hand and help you to shine your light brightly on your own path to illuminate your purpose. Working with her has changed everything in my business and therefore everything in my life, and the best part of all is that I am here – on task and on purpose, helping the people I am here to serve. Supernova changes lives – not just yours, but all of the people that are waiting for you to get your shit together and get out there in a big way.

Kate Spencer

“With hand on heart I can say that if I hadn’t of followed Emma’s guidance my business would be closed by now. It’s tough, especially when you’re a spiritual entrepreneur. You want to do everything from a place of love and money, admin work, business in general can feel really, really icky at times.

Emma gave me the opportunity last year to join Supernova, and if this opportunity is in front of you right now then I strongly suggest you take it.

You will never get the level of content anywhere else or the support for that matter.

Supernova accelerated my growth and it’s given me the tools to cope with the icky side of business.”

Trudie Core

I’ve been on Emma’s Supernova Programme for the last few months and it’s a programme that has massively moved me from a place of being stuck into really seeing my business blossom.

Emma’s teaching and content is so engaging and thorough (but yet all bite sized so it doesn’t overwhelm). Plus being part of a supportive community of amazing business buddies has been so valuable and made me stronger and feeling like a proper business person now.

Do not miss this chance to work with Emma. She has poured her heart and soul to this programme. It’s the perfect mix of business training and mindset mastery. If you are sitting on the fence jump off now and go for it, you won’t regret it

Claire Brett

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