So, you think that Pinterest is just for people who have pretty things to sell?  Think again!

Hitting in at 250million active monthly users (source Omincore) Pinterest remains a big hitter when it comes to Social Media BUT I, personally, don’t pop Pinterest into the same bag as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  For me, Pinterest is more like YouTube when it comes to it’s functionality and the way I think about it from a strategic point of view.

Pinterest is a search engine as well as a social platform.

Pinterest is still driving more Social Media referrals than Twitter, Stumbled Upon, Reddit, YouTube, Google + & Linkedin.

Pinterest is for pretty business product based business AS WELL AS those in the service sector.

Pinterest is a visual Social Media platform in the same way as Instagram BUT you can soon make, what you might perceive to be, your none-visual business extremely visual with great tools like Canva.  Visual marketing is now a MUST within your strategy.  There’s no getting away from the fact that the world is increasingly busy and social media is extremely fast moving.  So often our attention is grabbed in the first instance by a graphic/visual.  Whether photography, stock image or simply a colourful background with words over the top the visual element is the bit that captures attention.

Here Are My Top Tips On Using Pinterest For Business – Even If You Think Your Biz Isn’t Very Visual

Have A Business Pinterest Account

As with all social media it’s important that you make sure that your Pinterest Account is a business account and includes your business name.  Not only is this going to mean that your crowd will be able to find you with ease BUT will also mean you get access to additional features and stats & reporting.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Fully Set Up

Don’t neglect filling in your profile and think that you will come back to that later.  Having your profile fully completed will mean that you are providing your audience with vital information, including links to your website and other social media and will ensure that you are easier to find and that people can take action to take that relationship with you further.  Pinterest works very much like a search engine so make sure you are including your “key words” into your profile.  What will your crowd be searching for?

Give Your Pinterest Boards Interesting Names

So, there’s a fine line with this bad boy.  Don’t neglect the whole “does what it says on the tin” thing.  Again, Pinterest is a search engine and we need your boards to be accurately named and have GOOD descriptions too.  Don’t neglect the description of the board.  You equally want to capture the imagination of your crowd by naming your boards well.  Make sure that they create an element of curiosity for them to go and check them out further.

Have Good, Content Rich Boards

Make sure you are mindful of what your crowd might be looking for, what they need help with and what they want to see.  You need to have a minimum of 8 different Pinterest Boards with 4 Pins + in each (the aim is at least 10 Pins attached to each board but 4 will get you started). Think about the ways that you can help your crowd and make your content really easy for them to consume.

Descriptions & Hashtags

Descriptions and hashtags make your content searchable on Pinterest and will allow you to be found more easily. Again (sorry I feel like a total bore but) Pinterest is a search engine – what are your crowd searching for?  Don’t overthink it and don’t put off getting started but set aside a little time to do a brainstorm of what your crowd might be looking for.

Pin Videos

It doesn’t have to all be pictures – pin the videos to your Pinterest Boards too

It Doesn’t Need To All Be New Content

Pin what you have got! Pin your blogs, the images that you are using on other Social Media Platforms, pin your videos from Youtube and your podcasts from iTunes. Use Pinterest to get eyes on the content you’ve already produced.  Pinterest has a lot more longevity for your content than many other platforms so use that to your advantage.  Don’t be afraid to re-pin your content and recycle it too.

Pin Other Peoples Content

I have a board of Pinterest which includes things I love from around the internetty. This is content that doesn’t conflict with what I do & offer to my audience but that I know my crowd will love.

Use The Pinterest Browser Extension For Easy Pinning

The Pinterest Browser extension is an app and allows you to go to any webpage and simply press -“Pin It” – yay! How Easy is that! I love the browser extension and it allows me to pop over to Amazon and pin some ace books, pin things I’ve read on other people’s websites and use Pinterest as I’m going about my general day to day thang.

Remember To Post Regularly

Remember Pinterest is also a newsfeed and in particularly on mobile applications it’s delivered as a newsfeed. Pinning too much in a short space of time will clog up people’s newsfeeds and they may well get cross at the sight of your posts. Little & regularly will make sure that you continue to build your content, build your brand and get in front of your audience in their newsfeed. Pinterest can feel like quite a hungry beast at times but there’s the ability to schedule posts too (more about that in a different blog…

Happy Pinning!

I’d love to know – are you using Pinterest right now?

Will you start to explore Pinterest?

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