Meet Anna Grace Taylor

Anna Grace Taylor has built a beautiful, buoyant and, if we’re honest, BIG business (with a following of over a million people on Facebook alone).  She’s an angel therapist, card reader, lightworker and all round gorgeous human with the most sincere and warm energy you’ll experience.

I started working with Anna a little while ago to develop an online Angel Connection course.  Anna won’t mind me saying but the tech surrounding taking her teaching online was a HUGE resistance for her taking this step and a big jump outside of her comfort zone.

Propelled forward & motivated by the desire to help, support and teach more people we took a concept that she had been teaching in “real life” face to face workshops and developed it into an online programme, meaning that her worldwide audience could have a similar experience to those who attended her workshops in the UK.

Anna now has that programme in recorded & launched.  I’m ridiculously proud of the action she took to make this happen and with the right help and support in place the process wasn’t difficult or overwhelming.

During the very first launch of the programme Anna sold 40 places and has had amazing feedback!

Find out what Anna thinks about working with me….

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