Meet Kristina Smith

Kristina started up her business in April 2017 as an associate Virtual Assistant with big intentions of someday having clients of her own, but with no real big plans to back those intentions up!

In January 2018, Kristina signed up to my CTRL, ALT + DELETE course, with a grand total of 2 clients of her very own, and still spending most of her working time as an associate. She was hitting blocks with growing her business, because she had an idea in her head of what a professional business woman should look like, and it wasn’t her. Kristina wasn’t comfortable trying to be someone she wasn’t, and when we got started together in the course, it soon became apparent that Kristina’s OWN character and energy would be what would help her to shine.

With a bit of coaxing, a little bit of butt kicking now and then, and a little bit of making her see herself through others eyes, Kristina finally let down her barriers and opened herself up to the world of business, just as she was – no three piece suits or briefcases required!

And since we started working together in my course in January? Kristina is ending 2018 having provided online business support to 26 different businesses and is now part of #teamrockstar.

How cool is that?!

What does Kristina have to say?

Phew what a year! I started the year off with 2 of my own clients, and a mindset which told me my business would never grow. Within a few weeks of working closely with Emma, she’d helped me smash down my guards, and hammer up my confidence. Within 8 weeks of working with Emma, I had 12 clients on my books, and my business has continued to grow arms and legs ever since, way beyond my own expectations, goals and dreams! I can’t thank Emma enough for seeing something in me and giving me the confidence to let others see it too, the support Emma gives her Rockstars is second to none! Emma is on my gratitude list every day!

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