Scheduling Instagram posts has always been a bit of thing in the past!

It was difficult to find a tool that allowed you to schedule them and they would automatically post.  Now, I’m not talking about the whole automation thing and setting and forgetting.  I think that there’s a huge difference between setting and forgetting your Social Media and being very passive in the progress V scheduling your social media in order to free up time and still being involved and present within it.

I had been using Schedugram to schedule my Social Media.  I had used Schedugram because it was the one platform that was allowing automatic posting at the point I started and I needed to know, that no matter came up during my day, that the posts I’d prepared where actually being delivered and Schedugram absolutely DID tick that box ✔️

It’s also incredibly easy to get stuck in a tool once you start using it too.  I’m mindful of the fact that we often don’t fix what isn’t broken but there are times when things could be easier on us if we did make the switch.

I’d been having a conversation with the gorgeous Beckie from Infinity (my “go to” social media bestie) who was talking about Planoly and I decided to give it a go.

Cheesy line alert “and I’ve never looked back” (gush, gush)

Why Planoly Is A Pleasure

So, here’s a little run down of why I like Planoly;

✔️ It’s desktop AND mobile app both function beautifully meaning that I don’t just have to schedule my posts via their website and can actually schedule posts with ease on the go.

✔️ It’s VERY visual and you can see your schedule lining up in advance with ease

✔️ You can store your hashtags and add them to the post with a quick click of the word “add”

✔️ You can see the reporting stats on your posts with ease

✔️ It’s competitively priced

✔️ It seems to have more available characters to add your captions than Schedugram

✔️ You can leave stuff in the “unscheduled” section so you don’t forget those images that you wanted to post (or spend an age trying to find them)

✔️ It auto posts as long as you enable that function

What’s It Look Like, How Much Is It & How Does It Work?

So here’s a little look at the visual views within Planoly…

You can see on both of those views that the visuals are very easy to follow.  This makes organising your feed so much easier and quicker.

Pricing ~ I am currently on the $9 (currently under £7) per month plan.  You can get paid for plans for as little as $7 per month is you sign up for the annual payment.

There’s also the ability to use it free.  You can limited to 30 uploads (and they can only be photos ~ not video or GIFs and the reporting is a little more limited.

Here’s Planoly’s pricing information at the time of writing this…..

Now I’ll show you a little of the behind the scenes of how I use it….

I hope you’ve found that a useful look behind the scenes at something I’m using right now in my business.





p.s. #fulldisclosure ~ this blog contains affiliate links to Planoly BUT I do not recommendation products for affiliate payments, I only ever recomend things that I use/have used in my business, that I love and that I’d recomend regardless of whether or not an affiliate fee was available.

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