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You can land on a website ~ whether you’ve shimmied your way over from Social or you’ve stumbled across it for the very first time and suddenly feel overwhelmed ~ “where am I & what should I be doing here?”

I got ya.

I know that this business ain’t gonna build itself and I know that you’re absolutely ready to make some stellar progress when it comes to it’s growth.  No more just getting by & living in survival mode.

It’s time to ignite the THRIVE button now.

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So who am I?…

Let me introduce myself a little more.

I’m Emma Holmes, mum of 2, wife of a professional hero.

I’m hugely passionate about helping and supporting online entrepreneurs to get out of their own shadow & into the sunshine, increase their profits and allowing them to expand their reach, visibility & impact.

Lastest Articles

The Average Day Of An Entrepreneur – Part 2

The average day of an entrepreneur is anything BUT average. I wanted to remove the veil and let you see the experiences of real life entrepreneurs who are showing up and making magic happen in real life.   If you missed the last instalment..........

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An Average Day For An Entrepreneur

Lou Reed washes over me with his quite stunning "Perfect Day" as I start to right this little introduction to our first in the series of Entrepreneur Average Days ~ so is it a perfect day?  How do other people work on a day to day basis? We see all sorts...

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Instagram | All Just Pouts & Palaver?

I seem to be dealing with Social Media knobbery one platform at a time 🙈😂 Today, I talking about Instagram - lots of my gorgeous Rockstars find Instagram frustrating, a combination of bots/fake engagement and a whole bunch of followers/unfollowers makes it...

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Is LinkedIn Sleazy?

Who am I even writing this for?  LinkedIn users?  LinkedIn refusers?  Well, actually, both. I feel that LinkedIn is a platform of huge extremes - you are either a fan OR you're NOT.  A platform that cultivates a view either way. I rarely come across people...

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How Not To Be A Knob In Business

Aaaaahhhhhh, I know that you don't want to be a knob (no-one wants to be a knob) BUT sometimes we find ourselves falling into some little traps that hit the knobby stakes, sometimes we do things without realising we are even doing them.   I don't want you...

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Is Your Newsletter Open Rate Shocking?

You beaver away and build that email list. You think you're ticking all the boxes and doing all the stuff you ought to be BUT you're feeling a little bit disheartened. The FIRST thing I want to say is that if you are building an email list and aren't...

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