Today’s blog is a guest post from the gorgeous Beckie Coupe.  Beckie is my go to Social Media expert and part of #teamrockstar.  I know that Beckie has some fabulous insights to share with you about a platform that lots of Rockstars avoid for fear of messing up/judgement and not being corporate AF.

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“This is LinkedIn not Facebook.”

If you’ve spent any time at all on LinkedIn I bet that you’ve come across that sentence, or a variation thereof.  It seems that there are people who are very keen to ensure that LinkedIn isn’t tainted by any kind of “Facebook behaviour” – whatever that means. The knock on effect is that LinkedIn is often held up as this professional corporate platform where one must be one’s best at all times.

Wear a suit, slap on a full face of make-up, brush up on your corporate speak and you’re good to go, right?

Erm, hang on a minute…

Are you normally suited and booted in your business life? Do you have a “corporate” image on every other platform that you use? Would you use that same kind of language when talking to your customers, either online or off? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then why would you show up as a different persona on LinkedIn.

Social media is about connections and relationships. That’s as true on LinkedIn as it is on any other platform. Sure, LinkedIn is a Business to Business social network but business people are just people; we are simply looking to connect with like-minded people, for a variety of reasons.

Trying to show up on LinkedIn as some kind of corporate version of yourself is not only going to be difficult to sustain if you feel uncomfortable and restricted, but it’s also counterproductive. This version of yourself won’t attract like-minded people, it’s going to attract people who resonate with that image you have created for yourself and the people that you are really wanting to connect with and serve will assume you’re not right for them. Counterproductive!

You absolutely have permission to show up on LinkedIn as YOURSELF!!

You do not need to play dress up or tone your personality down – you are enough exactly as you are and you do not need to gain anyone else’s approval to be allowed into the “LinkedIn Club”.

Beckie x

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Beckie Coupe works with soulful entrepreneurs to give them the confidence to use social media and truly make it their own. To show up, stand out and shine online. To shout their message from the rooftops, attract their dream clients and create a business and a lifestyle that they adore!
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