The Beyond Ordinary Business Hub ~ Just £22.49 Per Month

Want some help?

Need a library of resources BUT a boat load of help & support too?

Our interactive, collaborative, biz problem busting Members Hub is the perfect place for you to be surrounded by likeminded people and get coaching and business development input at the fraction of the cost of working with me 1-2-1.

I am in the Hub on a regular basis to answer your questions AND we have a monthly Q&A slot to troubleshoot what’s coming up for you.

You also get access to a whole host of business trainings as soon as you sign up too.

Joining The Beyond Ordinary Business Hub has been my best decision ever. The hub contains infinite resources, tips and tools for everything you can think of to help make your business a success as well as maintain your sanity. Emma is always on top of her game to bring daily relevant, current and helpful support. She cares. You’ll also find yourself in a very uplifting and supportive group, surrounded by all sorts of friendly entrepreneurs so you’ll make some great connections. It’s GREAT value for money in my opinion. There’s nothing else out there (that I’ve seen), quite like this special hub. 💜

Louise Creswick-Crow

What is it?

Hey, you, lovely entrepreneur, you!

✔️Fed up being on your Jack Jones when it comes to your business?

✔️Tired of wondering if you’re cut out for this whole self-employed malarkey?

✔️Sick of other online business communities that feel like a bad fit but you don’t know where else to turn?

✔️Bored of lots of biz advice out there either making you feel icky & dirty OR like your biz isn’t serious (right?! It seems that either there needs to be a boat load of uncomfortable, hustle filled, bordering on dishonest strategy or that you are kinda playing at the biz thing)

✔️ vibrant and motivating online business community that’s oh, so fabulously different from the rest.

✔️ positive space for gorgeous Rebels & Rockstars just like you to join forces and help each other sparkle and thrive.

✔️ safe spot for you to flourish, find solutions and hang around with people who just bloomin’ well ‘get you’.

✔️ learning hub where you’ll discover how to sprinkle some Rebels & Rockstar magic into your business and learn how to market like a BOSS (without the cold, hard hustle).

Emma Holmes is amazing and I have often thought that the Hub is far too cheap as the content is worth thousands! Loads to immerse yourself in and because its self paced it’s not overwhelming! I have learnt so much from Emma 🙂

Sonia Payne

Emma Holmes is the best in the business, totally down to earth and a truth giver and gives a you a good hard kick up the bum when needed my business would not be doing so amazingly well without her amazing support and help , a true business Goddess

Andrea Lancaster

it is the best £10 you could spend each month! Emma has been with me almost since I started my biz and if it wasn’t for her and the Hubsters I would have given up a long time ago. I still have things to learn, as we all do, but I am so much more confident and visible in my business now. See you in there! x

Emma Pollard

The Hub is like having a supportive team alongside me and a motivational leader (Emma) up front. It’s my go-to for biz questions and if you just need a water-cooler moment with some peeps who understand. And the library is invaluable. Xx

MoJo Prowse

Learning Materials

✔️ Regular fresh content –  you get new & fresh content on a regular basis~ we’ll focus on a specific biz topic and give you easy and actionable steps to take you from ‘Well, I’m a little scared’ to ‘Let’s do this now!’ in no time at all. I jump into the group live to do mini training videos as well as trouble shoot anything that’s coming up for the group.

✔️A monthly Q&A call with me – it costs a lot of money for a 1-2-1 with me, so this is a great chance to fire your questions at me for a teeny tiny fraction of the price.

✔️ Accountability – you can’t put a price on that!

✔️Supportive entrepreneurs – a colourful range of gorgeous  entrepreneurs ~ from law of attraction specialists to social media managers/strategists, virtual assistants to coaches/trainers/mentors, health & wellbeing business owners to  photographers, reiki masters & therapists to interior designers, and EFT practitioners who are wonderfully fun, warm, and inviting, and sing the same kinda tunes as you!

✔️ SOS support – if you’ve got an emergency, chances are one of us will know how best to get you back on track. I AM actually available in the group A LOT.  Tag me into your posts and you will get my reply, advice, help, support & input

✔️ Idea downloading specials – every now and then we’ll have an ideas downloading sesh where we’ll all block out a slot in the diary, grab a brew, and sling some ideas around to help you create free resources, and/or new programmes.

I’m in the Beyond Ordinary Business Hub and it really is worth it, I’ve been in for over a year, Emma is always around to help out with your stuck stuff, great advice, some fab live training calls, there’s some fab online programmes available, try it for a month, you can unsubscribe any time, but I’m sure you’ll end up staying. 💖xx

Carol Graham

The hub is amazing. The members area is packed full of great programmes that you can work through. Emma is so present in the FB group and there is always a theme on the go to progress and signpost you a long. In addition you can ask away for help in the group and we all support each other. I would recommend you try it for a month- you wont leave !

Liz Lewis

The Success Structure 

This is a Business Foundations Programme which will help & support you to get a handle on the solid foundations from which you will be able to build progressive & profitable business.  We dive in and look at what your business is all about, who it serves and the backbone that keeps that structure solid.  We also dive into an alternative way to look at Ideal Client (so if you’ve ever struggled with and trudged through the who avatar concept then this will be a welcome relief for you).

Smash Hit Success Bootcamp

A whole business success programme that dives into building your business all the way through from the foundations, to list building, productising and launching. This programme was one of the best selling programmes here at Rebels & Rockstars and sold for £497 😍and absolutely changed the trajectory of lots of Rockstar Businesses – 4 key modules for you to dive into whenever you like.

FB Ads Course

Who doesn’t get stinkingly frustrated by Facebook Ads?  From not understanding them at all, to the fear of wasting money on there, to how do you even get anything through ad manager – I totally hear you!

This course takes you through Facebook Ads, how to use them, what to think about as you bring your advertising together and how to get more confident on the FB Ad platform.


Oh my, oh my – we have some absolutely FABULOUS Masterclasses living inside the Hub’s members area.  You can dive into The Sales Groove, Crackin Content, Create A Captivated Community, Sky Rocket Your Subscribers, Create An Online Product & Revive Your Money Moxie There’s a Masterclass in there to give you a stack of actionables and support for growing your business, wherever you are right now.

Video Confidence Workshop

Tackling video for the first time can be REALLY intimidating.  Check out the best hints, tips, advice and tricks to be able to start to incorporate the HUGE DEAL that video is into your business.

EVEN if you’re not ready to be seen on camera we have ideas for you in here

Revive Your Money Moxie

I’m a bit good at helping and supporting business owners to make money quickly.  This is a 5 phase system that will allow you to prioritise income generating activity and we round off the programme with creating longevity in your income so that you don’t need to that immediate injection of cash on a regular basis.

The Key

A little mini course that gets you to explore more that’s deep inside you when it comes to your business.  A mix of journaling, musing and consideration which will help you to unlock all that awesome in your head.

Perfectly Podcasting

Fancy adding a podcast to your business – we will show you how.  We are taking the principles of keeping it simple but significant and showing you exactly how you can bring audio as a content type into your business.

There’s also new material hitting the members areas each month.  This isn’t simply churn, I’m not just hitting record and adding content that I fancy recording – it’s all directly created to fit the needs of the group.

From the live streams we do within the group to the Suss It In A Session content which answers members needs (and currently includes planning, funnels, reading your numbers in your business and much more).

Can’t recommend Emma & the Hub enough. Emma is supportive & generous but tough when needed

Elizabeth James

I have only just joined yesterday. There is do much training in there it’s so worth it! X

Teresa Haddrell

Joining the Hub, late 2017 was the best decision I have ever made. At the time of joining, I was stuck solid, no idea what direction or where I should be going, in fact, I was near to quitting. Over one year on, I’m now loving my biz and heading off in a direction that came to be thanks to the help, support, guidance and occasional needed butt kick from Emma within the hub. On top of that you have all the other amazing rockstars to give support and advice and of course the online hub itself which is packed with everything you need to grow your biz. It’s one of the best decisions, I made, make it yours 💕”. xxx

Jenny Howarth

The Beyond Ordinary Business Hub has seen a fantastic rise in members over these past few days, and that’s absolutely brilliant – what an amazing bunch of business owners all in one place! For anyone still watching from the sidelines and debating signing up, DO IT! DO IT NOW! It’s a great community of fantastically supportive, welcoming and open minded humans, not to mention the treasure cave of content waiting in the Members area. If you make one small monthly investment in your business, it should be this one! I’ve been a member for over a year now and have never looked back! Love it! x


Kristina Smith

Not sure how long i have been part of the hub, but its been invaluable, the support from Emma and everyone within the hub is amazing, let alone all the material you get! Best tenner I spend each month.

Claire Bourke

Frequently Asked Questions 

Am I Tied In?

There’s absolutely no tie in whatsoever with the Hub.  Stay a month, stay for forever – your call.  I even show you how to cancel your membership in the members area so that you are in complete control.  If it’s not for you that’s totally cool.

What Kinda Businesses Do You Work With?

Coaches, authors, speakers, creative entrepreneurs, virtual assistants/service based business, retails/crafters & creators, lightworkers, visionaries, leaders who want to embrace flow in their business, who are bored of the BS that comes with lots of business advice out there and want to run their business in a way that feels SUPER NOURISHING rather than their business run them ~ whatever tag you have to place on your lapel, you are an awesome human that has something significant to share with the world and the blessing and gift is that that’s your business.

When Will I See A Return On Investment?

That’s down to you gorgeous Rockstar.  It depends where you are right now in your business, whether you put the work in and whether you’re prepared to do all the pieces (even the bits that scare you).  A return on investment is super easy in this programme as your investment isn’t huge and making the tweaks you need to your business, having the support and the input to create momentum and growth is priceless.

How Do I Access The Hub?

The course is run through our Membership Partner Platform Simplero.  You will get access all the Hub materials whenever you like and be able to dive in as and when it suits you.

The live elements of the programme and the support will be run through our private, members only, Facebook Community.

Can I Join At Any Time?

You absolutely can.

Do I Have To Show Up Live?

We totally understand that you have other commitments and that you won’t necessarily be able to make each and every live stream.  Recordings will be available for you to watch too.  You will get out of this programme what you put in.

How Do I Sign Up?

There’s lots of gorgeous PINK buttons on this page where you can sign up for the Hub

Are You Bored Of My Questions Now?

Absolutely NOT.  If you have any questions and you want to make sure you are making the right decision for you then head over here >>click << fill out the contact form, starting it off with THE HUB and we will help you.

I totally love the hub, it is a super safe place to explore, learn, grow and get the support you need.

Shortly after joining the hub, Emma helped me along with several other members when I just could not see the wood for the virtual trees, without them I would probably have given up and got a ‘proper job’ – I would not be without the hub, literally the best ten quid a month I will ever spend 💖💖💖

Victoria Lofthouse

For me the hub is the heart of the community, a safe place to ask questions and get the support needed. I look forward to Emma’s lives and quite often left with 💡💡💡light bulb moments. The resources are there for you and if you need something more Emma can help and talk you through it.

Also you aren’t tied into it, so if you feel it’s not for you then you can cancel it, but I’d be very surprised If you feel like that.

Anna Turner-Cobbold

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