Me, You & Your Biz

Business is business BUT it’s also massively personal too.  Business will be the BIGGEST personal evolution journey that you EVER go on – it will fill you with fear & joy, it’ll make you wobble & giddy – there’s a rollercoaster in every business journey!

Business is scary and it’s so hard to go there alone!

Some times it feels like someone turned out all the lights and you are scrambling about in the dark with both hands tied behind your back – perhaps all you need it that FLASHLIGHT to light way the stop you falling (oooohhh & your hands untying too).

Ready To Take It Up A Gear?

Wherever you are right now, I’ll meet you right there.  Even if you feel super frustrated, stagnant or like you’ve been going nowhere.  I want you to know that that doesn’t mean that you are a fail and you’ll never make it – it simply means that you haven’t put all of the pieces together yet.

You know, deep down, that you are pretty awesome at what you do but you just don’t seem to be getting it down into words correctly, the marketing is a little wrong, you’re not sure where the missing link is – but you know that there’s a missing piece and it’s time to find it. You are your own phoenix rising. We will uncurl your own personal magic and find your own bespoke key.

I work with an exclusive number of entrepreneurs on a 1-2-1 basis to find their missing piece, unlock their power & potential and discover that ingredient that will make them potent.  I keep the numbers limited because I want to be able to truly focus on your purpose and unleashing that potential within.

Have you been holding you back?  We can sort that!

Feel invisible in the digital space?  We will dive right in there and bring together a be seen strategy!

Not launching your products to anywhere near their potential?  We’ve got that one licked with bespoke sales strategy that’ll make your heart sing.

Feel like you’re letting your business down?  I promise (& you know) that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Working hard but getting nowhere fast?  We can change that one ~ when you know where to focus your attention and place your energy then this one can absolutely be kicked to the curb as you ignite your spark & accelerate forwards.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

Here’s the thing….

My intuition is razor sharp.  My BS detector works overtime AND I can read your energy and the energy in your business.  Layer on top of that years of experience of business strategy and add a dollop of what’s working right now and together we can truly accelerator your business.  I DO work VERY intuitively and we will work on the stuff that needs to be dealt with at any given time, we will cross the bridges as they come and we will get through things step by step.  The enormity of building a business can be utterly overwhelming but it all breaks down into thought threads, action steps and strategy.  We work with your business, you, your mindset, spiritual principles & The Universe to bring about something truly awesome.

Are you ready to stop doing the same old, same old and hoping for different results?  Are you ready to get your business into shape and that there business that you have dreamed about and that it’s your life purpose to create?


Serve More People | Make A Difference | Be Unique | Do Your Thang | Fall Back In Love With Your Business | Make More Money | More Beyond The Fear | Grow A Business That’s Sustainable | Share Your Gifts | Be, Do, Have & Achieve All You’ve Hoped |

It’s time!

✔️ You need to be ready to invest in yourself – both in terms of purchasing the 1-2-1 programme BUT also invest the time & energy into making this work.

✔️ Be open to a new way of looking at your business and be ready to receive objective view points at strategy.  It will always be an agreed strategy and nothing will be outside of the realms of your ethics or integrity as I don’t do icky!

✔️ Be prepared to delve into your purpose and the reality of what you want to create.

✔️ Be called out on any shit that’s got you stuck.

✔️ Be driven to make changes and cause a ripple!

✔️  My work is all about creating a ripple of positivity in the world and if I can help you, you can go on and change your reality and the reality for your friends & family and then go on and help someone else then we have truly started something AMAZING!

This Is Right For You If…

I only work with a limited number of lovely Rockstars on a 1-2-1 basis as you get lots of my energy, time and attention on your business!

There are many different elements to it and I am going to be teaching my gorgeous VIPs exactly what it takes to put together the structure and framework necessary for a ridiculously awesome business which is heart centred and nourishing – I truly believe that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to business development and I don’t simply roll out the same old, same old strategy and techniques to all my clients NOR do I only help you with aged strategy – we are going to look at what’s working right now in the world together with what will work for you and your crowd. We will look at each stage in fortnightly calls and you will also receive emails about the particular focus we are looking at together with your action plan to make it happen in your business. I will show you step by step the things that you need to be doing. ADDITIONALLY we will look at the stuff you’re not doing, why you’re not doing it & what we can do about – we will delve into your mindset & confidence, we will change the way you view your business and get you out of your own way.

It’s time to take your genius and show the world

Ignite | Shine | Light Up Others

You wanna increase your INCOME & PROFIT & get RESULTS

You want more visibility & impact

You want to create a business with ease & grace & FLOW

You’re ready for the next level

No more playing small!!

You don’t have to dilly dally about any longer! I want you to succeed and I can guide you through what you will need to do in order to build a business of your dreams!

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